Welcome to OmniToolbox web tools and utilities

We currently have four handy web tools. More will be added very soon so keep checking back!

Strong password generator

In today's digital world it is really important to always use strong, random generated passwords. Too many people use the same, easy to remember password for all websites - don't! Always be sure to use a strong password generator when creating new passwords for websites and services.

Random number generator

Create a random number between any two values. Quick, easy and useful!

MD5 hash generator

An MD5 hash is used when storing passwords, credit card numbers and sensitive strings in databases or flat database files. An MD5 hash is made by encoding a plain text string into a 128-bit string. Our free MD5 hash generator tool is an easy way to encode any string you like into an MD5 hash.

What is my IP address?

Need to know your external IP address? Perhaps your IT department, or firewall admin has asked you for it. Simply click on our what is my IP address page to see your external IP.